Solar cells

Part: Solar cells
Tools: Soldering irons
Parts: Silicon wafers
Techniques: Soldering, Potting


Many projects require power in some form. Photovoltaic panels provide a rugged, durable, mass produced, and inexpensive platform for the system's energy production needs. PV panels are made from arrays of cells connected in serial and parallel.


Similar to battery packs, balancing solar cells helps to ensure maximum power production and longevity. Sealing cells against the weather and oxidization are challenges. As is encasing the cells in a durable medium which is transparent to the light wavelengths converted to electricity by the cells.


From a solar cell to a PV system.svg

Individual solar cells typically measure 125mm square and produce approximately 0.5v @ 3W each @ 20% efficiency.

Development targets

Use hoses, File:Titebond II msds.pdf, and couplers to create a liquid cooling loop on rear side of panel.