Developing Replimat involves making, using, and breaking real hardware. Every improvement to the system helps to reduce our ongoing development costs. Modularity allows us to reuse everything many times over. Our success as an open hardware project depends on support from patrons, customers, and people like you.

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Outcomes: realized XYZ Cargo's Trapezoidal steering design using standardized parts - with help from Michigan State University Engineers for a Sustainable World



If you can help us reach any of these goals, please consider donating. Your donation will help complete a significant project goal and have a lasting effect which touches many.

  • $500: Test and document a simplified automated drilling machine to improve availability of frames
  • $500: Complete design and construction of lumber mill
  • $1,000: Complete initial cargo cycle prototypes into rideable state and document them
  • $5,000: Two months developer time toward an Arduino based off grid solar power inverter
  • $7,500: Finish import of Precious Plastics into Replimat. Initial work on the plastic shredder suggests a 75% unique part count reduction