Roles and tasks

  • Coordination
    • communicate with every project participant leading up to meetings
    • reserve meeting space
    • bring tools for everyone
    • order food and drinks
    • identify and address obstacles to collaboration
  • Design / Build
  • Production
    • maintain focus on production
    • identify production obstacles
    • feed machines
  • CAD
    • (re)draw parts, techniques, and projects using NopSCADlib
    • ensure coordination with wiki
  • VR
  • Documentation
    • photograph events, projects, people, techniques, parts, materials, etc. and uploads to wiki
    • create pages in wiki for new developments
    • interview project participants for new page contents
    • copy data from fab lab inventory into wiki and mark copied in spreadsheet
  • Outreach
    • identify potential supporters
    • contact potential supporters to talk about the project's near term needs and opportunities