Replimat wiki:About


Replimat is a self-replicating and broadly interoperable building system. It is made of a small number of parts reused in many different ways to enable building many things most people need including several of the tools necessary to make more parts from raw materials.

Many parts can simply be cut to form two smaller parts without waste. All Replimat components are designed for disassembly, and cradle-to-cradle reusability and constructed wherever possible from waste or other durable, reusable, renewable, recycled and recyclable materials. Replimat components form a durable, repurposable, mult-use carbon sink for the waste streams of other processes. Component parts which cannot yet be replicated are known as vitamins and development to improve replication of the entire system is hosted in this wiki.

Self reproduction lowers cost, decentralizes production, localizes supply and demand, enables innovation, shortens supply lines, reduces inventory and storage requirements, and encourages the reproduction and spread of knowledge and empowerment.

Replimat is Open Source Hardware and an example of the Open Design Movement. The Replimat project follows a community code of conduct.

Replimat LLC is an authorized Petsfang manufacturer and retailer.