Replimat contains vitamins, materials, transformations, parts, techniques, projects, and lifecycles. Names for patterns in each of these categories follow conventions noted on this page. Conventions are intended to function as guidelines to reduce effort required to choose an appropriate name. Where necessary, they may be overridden at any level within the system, but doing so should serve as a hint toward improved organization.

  • A name should function as a label for a single pattern within it's category.
  • A name should be unique within it's category.
  • A name should function with minimal modification (for instance: replacing spaces with underscores) as an NopSCADlib / OpenSCAD, OpenJSCAD, or Rust function identifier, a wiki page name, etc.
  • A name should be plural, to enable project-wide object relational mapping efforts (more details here).
  • Adjective structure should follow the pattern: opinion size age shape color origin material purpose noun.