Wanhao Duplicator i3 3D printer

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Project: Wanhao Duplicator i3 3D printer
Tools: Wrenches
Parts: Frames, Nuts, Bolts, End caps, Plates
Techniques: Tri joints, Shelf joints

[R1] maintains four Wanhao Duplicator i3 3D printers for production FDM fabrication. Each printer has been upgraded with a controller and installed on a printer cart

ReDuplicator Upgrade

Part Description Quantity
Stepper adapter x4 4 wire JST-XH male <-> 2x male JST-XH adapter 4
Jumper wire 40 wires each m/m, m/f, f/f 10
3030 Extrusion 355mm Z Axis HFSLB6-3030-355 2
3030 Extrusion 350mm Y Axis HFSLB6-3030-350 2
3030 Extrusion 380mm X Axis Tower HFSLB6-3030-380 2
3030 Extrusion 258mm X Axis Base HFSLB6-3030-258 2
30x30x35 Corner Brackets Tabbed on SINGLE Side only HBLFSNB6 14
Alluminium Flat bracket 4 mount holes HPTLS6 8
LM8UU Bearings Std 8mm 15mm long bearings LMU8 4
M5 12mm Button Head Screw M5 70
M5 16mm Button Head Screw M5 10
M5 T-Nuts 3030 T-Nuts - PACK-HNTAJ6-5 80
M5 20-25mm Low Profile Button head (less than 4.2mm) 1
M5 30-35mm Screw M5 1
M3 Heatserts Amazon Brass heat inserts M3 thread M3-UHBRHESF 22
M3 4-8mm Button Head Screw M3 8
M3 12mm Button Head Screw M3 6
M3 16mm Button Head Screw M3 6
M3 30mm Screw M3 3
M3 6-8mm Countersunk M3 4
M3 6-12mm Countersunk M3 8
M5 Nylock Nuts for Idlers 2
M3 Nylock Nut for part cooling and heat sert substitute 1 - 15
M5 Smooth Idler Pulley (Optional) 9mm wide replacement 2
M5 Fibrous Washers For idler Pulleys 3 - 10
GT2 Belt 6mm belt 1m
50mm Blower Part Cooling 1
M3n Square nut X motor tensioner (optional) 2

Printable parts


Power supply

End caps

Cable organizer

Raspberry pi case

Raspberry pi camera

MKS Base electronics

Corner bracket

Spool holder