Fluid pumps

Part: Fluid pumps
Materials: Plastics, Brasses, Rubbers, Steels
Tools: 3D printers
Parts: Bolts, Nuts, Springs, Washers, O rings, Hoses, Pipe fittings
Techniques: Bolting, Hose clamping


Moving large volumes of liquid is tedious by bucket or barrel. Pump and hose require less effort and are more convenient.



Replimat uses self-priming, particulate tolerant, membrane pumps manufactured with pressure switches and for a variety of DC voltages, for RVs. This style of pump is relatively inexpensive and widely available.


Membrane pumps can be motor or solenoid driven, are tolerant of particulates and debris, lend themselves to being printed, and are widely used for a variety of demanding applications.

Development targets

  • Printed check valve using 6mm stainless bb
  • fully printed flexible membrane solenoid pump + universal controller plug

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