Part: Couplers
Tools: 3D printers


A compression fitting is a fitting used in plumbing and electrical conduit systems to join two tubes or thin-walled pipes together. In instances where two pipes made of dissimilar materials are to be joined (most commonly PVC and copper), the fittings will be made of one or more compatible materials appropriate for the connection. Compression fittings for attaching tubing (piping) commonly have ferrules (or olives in the UK) in them.

Compression fittings are used extensively in Hydraulic, Gas and for hot and cold water systems to enable the connection of tube (copper, steel Nylon etc) to threaded components eg valves and tools; compression fittings are suited to a variety of applications, commonly in water plumbing systems such as where confined spaces where copper pipe would be difficult to solder without creating a fire hazard, and extensively in hydraulic industrial applications a major benefit being that the fittings allow easy disconnection and reconnection.


There are a dizzying variety of hoses, pipes, couplers, fittings, adapters, and other plumbing fixtures. How can we reduce complexity while retaining broad compatibility.


Wherever possible, Replimat prefers to use Push fit compression fittings for moving liquid and air. Efforts are directed toward adapting existing fittings to this system.