Automated drilling machines

Project: Automated drilling machines
Eiffel Concept.jpg
Designers: Phil Jergenson, RJ Jergenson, Timothy Schmidt, supercool, Mikey, Rongomai, Tobias Grundtvig
Tools: Wrenches
Parts: Frames, Nuts, Bolts, Plates, End caps
Techniques: Shelf joints, Tri joints


Frames can be manufactured by hand, with careful measurement and drilling. While meditative, this work is repetitive and laborious. Time studies of the hand production process using a drill press reveal that positioning the undrilled frame stock for precise drilling consumes the majority of effort. Automating the process in an affordable manner will reduce cost, increase availability, and free time for creative effort.


Reducing cost and improving availability of frames requires decentralized manufacturing.


A frame drill built from standardized and widely available industrial automation components allows anyone to source the parts they need anywhere to build more frame drills.

Drill guide

Gang drill

Dual gripper drill

This frame drill design makes use of two independently controlled and actuated industrial grippers to move and hold square stock for drilling on all four sides by independently actuated high speed spindles.


Perpendicular axis drill


BeamCNC crowdfunding campaign demonstration device

This minimalist design shares many common parts with 3D printers.


Part Quantity Supplier
Plate - drill machine
2 OpenSCAD File
Plate - spindle
1 OpenSCAD File
NEMA-17 stepper motor 3 Link
roller-raw-material 12 CAD File
Spindle 1 ER16 500W High Speed DC 48V Air Cooling Brushless Spindle Motor + Driver
LM8UU Bearing 1 - pack of 2 Amazon
Drive belt
Drive pulley
Neoprene foam w/ adhesive backing Amazon
Drill bit
Rail Guide Support for 16mm Diameter Shaft 1 - pack of 4 Amazon
Rail Guide Support for 8mm Diameter Shaft 1 - pack of 4 Amazon
350mm 8mm T8 Lead Screw Set Lead Screw+ Copper Nut + Coupler + Pillow Bearing Block 2 Amazon
Oilite drill bushing 2 Mcmaster

Avid CNC 60120 Pro

Fully automated production development kit

Pneumatic parts



Villagekit Grid-bot


A multi-spindle single-axis CNC.

For the framing, we'll use 8040 aluminium extrusion since it's fit for purpose and readily available here in New Zealand.

Where possible, we'll try to use motion control components found in "pro" consumer CNC machines (AvidCNC, RoverCNC, QueenBee, etc), e.g. stepper motors, lead screws, linear rails, etc.